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How and where you dispose your waste is a matter of concern. Improper waste disposal causes massive damage to the environment and the people in general. People hire services from companies that deal in Trash Removal in Ithaca NY to take care of their trash and properly dispose it. Various companies may deal with different types of trash. Below are the types of waste managed by garbage removal companies.

Liquid waste

This type of waste comes in liquid form. Its method and place of disposal may differ from that of other types due to its nature. Liquid waste includes liquids from the drainage pipes, liquid wastes from industries and rain water. Waste water is recycled and treated and later used by people. At times, for easier disposal and other reasons, solid waste is transformed to liquid waste.


Solid waste

This refers to waste that is not liquid. It is the most commonly produced type of waste especially in homes. Examples of solid waste includes broken electronics, old carpets, waste food among others.

hazardous waste

Toxic wastes, cylinders that can easily explode, items that catch fire easily, corrosive waste among others are all referred to as hazardous waste. Generally, hazardous waste refers to that which poses a danger to the environment and its inhabitants. Each state should at least ensure that proper methods of hazardous waste disposal are observed.

Organic waste

This is waste that normally comes from plants and animals. Organic wastes are turned into manure by organisms that break it down. In places like hotels and groceries shops, organic waste is produced in large quantities.

Recyclable waste

Any waste product that can be processed and made into a new product is termed as recyclable. This may include aluminum, plastic, glass, and paper. Most garbage collectors provide their clients with separate bags or containers so that they can separate the recyclables from other waste. This makes work easier and ensures a clean environment.

By reducing, recycling and reusing waste, you will have made waste management easy to accomplish. Just keeping in mind that a clean environment starts with you will eventually change most people’s undesirable habits of improper waste disposal. For more on trash removal in Ithaca NY, click

Types Of Waste And Trash Removal In Ithaca Ny