Make Your Wedding Magical with a Colorful Popcorn Buffet


Lindsey Hively

Along with cupcake wedding cakes, gourmet popcorn and candy buffets are the up and coming trend for weddings. Make your own popcorn buffet and dazzle your wedding guests!

Your Wedding Theme

The first thing you want to do when planning a gourmet popcorn buffet for your wedding is to coordinate the buffet with the rest of your wedding. There are a wide variety of popcorn flavors and colors available for you to work with for your popcorn buffet. For a fun and whimsical look you can use a variety of colors or if you are looking for a more upscale appearance you can select two or three colors of popcorn, perhaps to coordinate with your wedding colors.


The Popcorn Containers

Going along with your wedding theme, the containers you select to store and display your popcorn in for the buffet go a long way in completing the overall theme of your popcorn buffet. If you are going for fun and whimsical, apothecary jars in various shapes and sizes will work well. For a chic and sophisticated look, pedestal candy jars are great.

Use an odd number of containers for your popcorn buffet to maintain balance for your overall buffet. Also make sure each container has a scoop to go with it so your guests can scoop their popcorn favors. For your guests’ individual containers it will be best to use clear or frosted containers so all of the popcorn colors show through the container. You can decorate the favor containers with craft paper, stickers, and labels you can print from your computer.

How to Determine Popcorn Quantities for Your Wedding Buffet

When determining how much popcorn to supply for your wedding buffet remember that one cup of popcorn is roughly equal to one ounce of popcorn. One cup of popcorn is a good serving size for an average person. Also take into consideration the size of your individual favor containers. Make sure you have enough popcorn on hand for each of your guests to fill their container and a little extra to account for any extra-hungry guests!

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Make Your Wedding Magical With A Colorful Popcorn Buffet