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Lars The data backup storage demand with Information, sensitive valuable data and web applications have increased dramatically with last few years. Continue growing volume of database need additional capacity, since the invention of LTO media tape Ultrium technology these specific problem related to storage data quite tackled. But the growth of these folders rising rapidly. It’s essential that backup operations ought to even be decrease for enterprises to compete in their linked sector. There for currently major companies globally need highly reliable capability and economical solution for backup storage. This solution additionally should be very powerful to secure valuable and sensitive information for comprehensive period of amount. LTO-2 Tapes, data storage cartridge technology has been introduced by most renewed manufacturer worldwide. These cartridges are highly secure and have capability to hold growing database pressure. And LTO-2 is best choice for the challenging backup storage application through small and medium size enterprise globally.

LTO 2 Tape is very reliable format of Linear Tape Open concept and best for very busy servers. High performance and information reading and recording capability make this one of the most demanding and hot item in business community. LTO-2 data backup cartridge ensured by world most renewed data storage authorities and modern servo writing move on technologies. Manufacturer of this storage backup tape continues to bring their worldwide recognized tape technology, engineering and produce skillfully for storage market with this second generation of LTO media format cartridge.

LTO 2 Tapes, media cartridge satisfy the needs of increasing and demanding data backup’s storage environments and small and medium size enterprises. This LTO-2 cartridge carrying most advanced and reliable technology with durable features with additional options. These Ultrium cartridge 2nd generation media format has native 200GB and with compressed form 400GB storage capacity which is doubled compare to LTO-1 tapes. Transfer rate is also increased which is now 40MB/Sec and with compressed formation 80MB/Sec, tape length is 609, 12.65mm wide with 8.9um thinness. This single reel tape is coated with metal particle. Its ability of multi channel recoding mechanism has incorporated by manufactures which will elevate to its sturdiness and also the transfer rate will increase. Recording method is PRML with media MP. LTO-2 Tapes, Ultrium technology has passed general drop testing and feature with ultra sonic weld and corner strengthening. Inside build in sensors assured that leader pin will stay perfectly in place and cartridge can bear testing conditions. This LTO-2 tape cartridge contain memory chip which is also known as LTO-CM. Memory chip ensured data managers the data is perfectly secured and it also increase capability of cartridge during load and unload files with smooth and stable process.

Even servo tracks of LTO-2 tapes dreadfully obliging as they guarantee joblessness and fine placement if cartridge is not working properly during function. This leading lifetime guaranteed LTO-2 tape technology ensures drive head that enhanced, because of the consistent tape surface and high durability of outputs.

LTO-2 Ultrium technology cartridge doubled storage capacity already a penetrate option to lodge the huge data at very high speed with minimum use of cartridges. These LTO-2 tapes are compatible with Ultrium-2 drive. Single reel glossy surface of the media ultra LTO-2 cartridge is also helpful as a result of high resistance.

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