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Charles Ormond Eames is a brilliant furniture designer born in 1907. Allready at 14 years old, Charles worked part-time at a steel company where he learned about engineering, drawing, and architecture. In this periode of his life the idea of one day becoming an architect was emerging.

The Eames designed the Eames Sofa Compact in 1954, and it was a new scheme for sofas as it reflected the traditional sofas, but it still provided comfort without all the bulkiness. It was another milestone design for Charles and Ray Eames, iconic American designers and architects, as the sofa used the modernistic, trimmed down design, in order to achieve such compactness. It was picked up and was and is still exclusively manufactured by Herman Miller in the US, and Vitra in Europe. The Compact Sofa still kept the basics of a ordinary sofa, but doesn t occupy all the space, as the Compact sofa fits where most sofa don t. This type of sofa is ideal for people with minimal house space or someone with all the space in the world as it is effective on both fronts.


The Eames designed the sofa with compactness in mind, but they did nothing to take away from the luxury and elegance that a basic sofa could hold. The Compact Sofa was originally intended the design for their own home in Los Angeles, but ended up making it a series production. The Compact Sofa s demeanour is slim, tall, and having a slight angular silhouette, and in addition, it is a sofa that can move anywhere easily as it is collapsible for easy transportation and storage purposes. The Compact Sofa is designed to fit in to any room d cor, as it could be relaxed enough for the living room and professional enough for the office. Plus it is able to move easily when you change your mind.

The shape of the Compact Sofa is exceptionally high and separated into two horizontal strips, as the backrest outfits the sofa with an attractive profile, which obviously sets it apart from other typical sofas with their straight backrests. It size was scaled for tight spaces 30 deep, and it is made up of chromed tubular steel frame, fabric reinforced rubber web suspension, uninterrupted polyurethane foam upholstery in three separate sections, stainless steel glides, and 100% polyester crepe upholstery. It dimensions measure at a height of 35 , a depth of 30 , and a length of 72.5 .

The Eames Sofa Compact is perhaps one of the most innovate modernistic design that is still replicated today on such a high scale. It is one of the most interesting designs that were done by Charles and Ray Eames, as it was a reinvention of the traditional sofa, and most people applauded the idea as means for gaining more space in that tight spot. It was also very convenient piece of furniture that was very practical and very novel design at the time. It is now as we look back one a very classic design by Charles and Ray Eames.

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