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Forex automated trading is proving to be a profitable investment option for a number of investors who are seriously trying to expand their investment activities from the traditional investment platforms like the stock market, mutual funds, and bonds. Manual trading has certain limitations, which are making traders rely on automated Forex trading systems for more consistent profit. Automatic Forex trading software can monitor and execute trades 24 hours a day, without any human intervention. The Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform is widely used these days as the common retail standard for automated Forex trading systems. Investors can trade manually on the MT4 platform or execute automatic Forex trading programs known as expert advisors. There are a limited number of profitable Forex expert advisors for the MT4 platform that can be found on the market. Advertisers and marketers often claim that there is unlimited money to be made in the Forex market, but this is not true. Forex is a zero sum gain; hence, someone must lose money for others to gain.

Investors and traders must perform a reality check on their part before purchasing a Forex expert advisor that promises to double their money every month. If a Forex expert advisor can make $5,000 to $10,000 every month, then why is it being sold for only $295? To determine whether a Forex expert advisor is legitimate, verify that it is able to work with multiple Forex brokers such as MIGFX, FXDD, Alpari, Varengoldfx and FXCM.

Investing in the Forex market is quite risky, and requires time and commitment. Many traders have failed due to the promise of easy money for 15 minutes a day of work. If everyone could make money easily in trading, then nobody would take on a profession. You must treat Forex trading like a profession which will require a coach or a mentor. This is why some of us hire money managers to handle the trading for us. The problem is that we hardly know how our managed Forex accounts are being handled, except for through our monthly statements. It is highly possible that the account manager may be performing multiple trades per day on your account in order to earn good trading commissions. In addition, the account manager can take a long trade on your account while shorting a trade on another client account. One client is bound to make money; while the account manager will benefit from the commission on both accounts.

With the MT4 platform, a Forex managed accounts service will allow any investor to participate in automatic Forex trading and to have full trading transparency. Investors can have their own Forex managed accounts by selecting or using automated Forex trading systems with suitable risk and reward. With this strategy, you do not need to trade yourself, track the news, or digest the different sources of financial information. You can open Forex accounts, which will be solely yours and operated by you, directly with a Forex broker. By selecting any one of the reliable automated Forex trading system being offered by a trusted Forex trading service, you will be in total control of your own Forex managed accounts.


Benefits of Forex Expert Advisors:

Expert advisors have no greed or fear.

Expert advisors will constantly monitor and trade the market for you, giving you an opportunity to sleep, work, and play.

They can provide a trading edge in the market if the average winning trades are more than the average losing trade.

If you subscribe to a Forex trading service, the expert advisors run on the trading server; hence, you don t have to leave your computer on 24 hours a day.

If you have purchased an expert advisor, it is plug & play, and it can be trading your account in minutes.

The use of Forex expert advisors doesn t require any technical expertise; however, you should understand the trading strategy, risk, and drawdown before using it.

Be aware that there is no easy way in life – all automatic Forex trading systems have risk. If it sounds too easy or good to be true, then you should stay away.

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