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This year’s panel market will show steady growth in demand, price trend of minor fluctuations, the overall trend of steadily judgments. For the following reasons.

1, Solid wood floor’s natural strengths and determine people’s consumption habits of the strong market demand.

First of all, natural wood floor rustic, natural luxury, you can create the best affinity with the people and the elegant living room environment, flexibility is good, foot feeling comfortable, Dongnuanxialiang, can adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, is the real green decoration materials, and to achieve the second renovation, re-use. Second, the wood is a renewable material life. For thousands of years, large buildings, small to chopsticks, bowls, pans, tables, chairs, beds and furniture, jewelry, and other people’s lives has never left natural wood. With the acceleration of the process of modern urbanization, the pursuit of people’s quality of life, quality of life enhancement, life will be increasing emphasis on natural and healthy, solid wood flooring market demand will increase, the industrial development prospects very broad and rich ongoing.

Second, the overall global resource-based recovery in commodity prices.


Global commodity futures markets in 2008 were pieces of heavy, but all commodity prices have recently rebounded significantly, especially in iron and steel, coal, nonferrous metals, petroleum, timber and other resource commodities. Recently, the market price of wood has been gradually out of the doldrums and started slightly, so the price of solid wood flooring will be a steady upward trend. Meanwhile, by last year’s economic environment, domestic confidence in large-scale timber suppliers setback in the total stock of raw material market is not relatively high, other factory, dealer inventories are not large, combined with 3-5 month in 2009 good sales, the upcoming renovation delivery peak demand, short-term supply and demand also contributed to the recent rise in timber prices began to have an important reason. Gradually begins to recover as the global financial crisis, driving export demand also contributed to price increases.

Third, scientific development, rational use of forest resources is a necessary requirement natural metabolism.

As a renewable resource, forests and non-renewable resources has oil, coal, minerals and other things are different. Early production of solid wood flooring national wood imported from Southeast Asia all the basic, small wood species, but the number is not small, single mode of supply resulted in over-exploitation of local forest resources. Now, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other countries with large forest resources to be developed, wood procurement have become more global over 100

Countries in the channel, more than 100 wood species category diversity. Therefore, the global supply of wood resources fully meet consumer demand. Meanwhile, forest resources and rational development and utilization, can improve people’s living standards, but also on the ecological environment of nature in harmony, scientific development has driven the need for cyclical, nature needs ????. If the forest resources without appropriate and reasonable development and utilization, they often lead to forest fires, wood rot, mildew caused by water pollution and other natural disasters. Therefore, we should be based on environmental health, and natural harmony of life needs, use technological innovation to continue to enrich and beautify people’s living environment and forest resources through scientific development, reasonable use to avoid the many adverse factors.

Fourth, solid wood floor has significantly higher volume, strong market demand from the smooth trend.

The financial crisis erupted in 2008, so that a greater decline in timber prices, but also a lot of renovation plans to delay, a short-lived “cool city.” However, beginning in March 2009, timber market prices are stable, solid wood flooring marked increase in trading volume, market demand and strong presentation pack of the scene. Began in April 2009, sales of wood flooring or even a small peak, coupled with the promotion of festivals, such sales momentum has continued.

5, the financial crisis to gradually stabilize the housing market pick up, building materials sales momentum began to turn for the better.

With the global economy gradually stabilized, the domestic real estate market trading volume also increased in activity, the public and further enhance consumer confidence. Middle and upper income class has been the solid wood flooring mainstream consumer groups, their pursuit of quality of life, so pay more attention to quality solid wood flooring, with style, brand value and other factors, so often choose products have obvious advantages of high brand reputation assured the floor in order to have protection.

Solid wood flooring brand has long been relatively stable prices, reason is the company in order to maintain brand image, the long-term Fa Zhan Bao Zheng need lots of manpower, material and financial to technological innovation, improve management, and constantly Shengji Chanpinpinzhi, rich colors, enhance Fu Wu Deng a series of value. Is well known, including solid wood flooring prices constitute the main raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, etc., which account for the largest share of the cost of raw materials. Higher raw material prices, the new labor law enforcement manpower costs, ensure product grade materials, so the cost will only increase.

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